Senior Product Manager


This position is no longer active

Either the position was filled, or the ad has expired. Please have a look at some of our current job openings:

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Developers are maybe the most important cornerstones for a tech company like Fyndiq. But, we know that behind every great product, there is an awesome Product Manager. As a Product Manager at Fyndiq, you will aim for something much bigger than just great, something that will take us to infinity and beyond!

You as a humble rebel at Fyndiq will:

  • Own the entire product, from product vision to strategy down to the backlog.
  • Work and motivate a cross functional team to greatness.
  • Lead opportunity assessment workshops for new initiatives or ideas.
  • Manage expectations and communications with stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the strategic vision and forward-looking direction of our e-commerce platform.

So pack your bags with:

  • Many years of Product management experience.
  • Agile way of working.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Swedish.
  • Your amazing skill in making incredibly quick decisions as well as taking a moment and contemplating over what we should do onwards – like visionary thinking.

There are four fab fyndians in our Product Manager hub, waiting for you to be the fifth. Besides that they have a high ambition, a lot of humor, strong wills and are very goal oriented, they also speak seven languages (rarely more than three at once), they own over 9000 pair of shoes all together and, since there’s an Italian in the team, they will never have a closure on the debate whether kebabpizza is awesome or not.

If you are a tech savvy Product Manager that likes to make decisions and get things done, we need to meet! Just hit the apply and I’ll contact you. Any Q’s, email me at


Alströmergatan 22
11247 Stockholm

​Small Moments of Joy

We could describe ourselves as a “cool” tech and e-commerce company. We could also brag about our nice ping pong table, kick-bikes, beer tap and all those start-up-thingies everyone talks about. But that isn’t what sets us apart . :)

What it comes down to, and what really makes a difference, are our friends here at Fyndiq - all the bright, inspiring people. We are a diverse bunch of nice humans who have fun together. And that creates a special atmosphere.

It is also because we are on a journey, never standing still, building something extraordinary with the aim of growing from an underdog to becoming a super big underdog. No day is like the other and here you can really make a difference, make an impact. We always want to improve and we do it together. It is challenging, but at the same time we grow together. This is the recipe, the secret sauce, that glues us together. And we do it in the name of #Smallmomentsofjoy - all day, everyday.

Fyndians @work

A Fyndian has guts, shows passion and is a team player who explores new ways of working. Fyndians run in a Bolt-speed manner (while @ desk) and are comfortable with the uncomfortable-ness. We have high set goals and together we strive to reach them all by helping each other, learning from one another and making sure we never lose sight from the direction we're heading. We believe that if we’re going to spend 5 days a week at work, it’s sort of important to have great colleagues, a nice office and a fab company culture.


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