Hello future Fyndian!

Fyndiq - the Bargain Superstore!

Do you know what happens when a bunch of bargain lovin’ humble rebels join forces? Bargain-magic is what happens, it’s as easy-peasy as that. From the Home of the Fyndians (in Fridhemsplan), soon to be 100 left and right-brained Fyndians work on perfecting those small moments of shopping and ecommerce joy for our MIFs (most important friends). Currently we’ve got over 1300 great merchant friends and over 1.2 million consumers friends spending time at Fyndiq.se, every month. They like us and we love them even more.

So what we, the humble rebels, are doing five days a week is to build the global bargain superstore. And we do it by leaving our comfort zones, playing well in teams and making sure good ideas turn into great solutions.

Fyndians @ work

A Fyndian has guts, shows passion and is a team player who explores new ways of working. Fyndians run in a Bolt-speed manner (while @ desk) and are comfortable with the uncomfortable-ness. We have high set goals and together we strive to reach them all by helping each other, learning from one another and making sure we never lose sight from the direction we're heading.

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Want to read more, have a look at something called "The Little Warm Red": http://online.slidehtml5.com/idhu/zwzf/#p=4


Alströmergatan 22
11247 Stockholm





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